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Call Number: Vertical File OSZ
Item Type: Book
Title: Cocoanut Grove Fire
Content: articles, "The Cocoanut Grove Fire : A series of seven articles on the Cocoanut Grove Fire printed in the Hyde Park Bulletin, Jamaica Plain Bulletin, Roslindale Bulletin, West Roxbury Bulletin, and Norwood Bulletin 2002",newspaper clipping, "Cocoanut Grove: As memories fade the impact of the horrific fire that killed 462 people endures" The Patriot Ledger (11/27/2002) "12 deadly minutes" The Boston Herald (11/27/2002), personal recollections of the Cocoanut Grove Fire by Jack Deady, son of Philip Deady, Detective Lieutenent Inspector, Massachusetts State Police, and numerous photocopies of newspaper clippings and photographs from the fire, the aftermath and the trial, paper, "The Cocoanut Grove NightClub Fire" instruction manual from the National Fire Protection Association, including floorplan (1962), photocopy of matchbook from the Cocoanut Grove, photocopy of newspaper clipping, "NA program brings back memories of '42 Hub fire" The Sun Chronicle (3/22/1999), "Cocoanut Grove busboy's legacy of pain, suffering" Middlesex News (12/3/1995), "Did a 'mystery gas' fuel the Cocoanut Grove Fire? " Firehouse magazine (5/1999), photocopies of photos of the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub, inside and out, after the fire, photocopy of a menu from the Cocoanut Grove, photocopy of page from ledger book showing payments to the performers on the night of November 28th, 1942, photocopy of map showing location of Cocoanut Grive nightclub in the context of Boston, "The Cocoanut Grove Inferno" The Boston Globe (11/22/1992), handwritten notes on the Cocoanut Grove Fire, photocopy of article, "Remembering Cocoanut Grive" Bostonian Society Newsletter (Fall 2000), "A Tragic night at the Cocoanut Grive" The Wellsley Townsman (10/22/1992), "Purple feather, black day" (11/18/1992), first hand account of the fire by Charles B.P. Van Pelt, in correspondence to the Bostonian Society (11/27/2001) recollections of Juanita Kidd to TBS (9/4/2002), recollections of John D. Quinn (11/11/2002), numerous responses to a request that ran with an article in Yankee magazine for first-hand accounts from survivors of the fire, including correspondence with researchers, survivors and others who remember the fire, photocopy of newspaper summplement, "Fire Disaster Memorial" The Boston Sunday Advertiser (12/6/1942), commerative photo from the Cocoanut Grove Melody Lounge, signed by Mickey Alpert
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