The Manuscript Catalog includes collection descriptions of primary source materials. This includes records of clubs, businesses, organizations, and personal papers. It also includes collections of ephemera, unpublished manuscripts, and invidual manuscript documents. More detailed information related to described and undescribed collections may be found in the library. If you can't find what you are looking for, please email the library or use this form.

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Search Tips
  • A keyword search is used to retrieve a term or phrase that is found anywhere in the catalog record.
    • Church will locate any record containing that term.
    • Church building will locate any record containing that phrase.
  • Use AND, OR, NOT and ( ) to narrow or broaden your search:
    • Church AND building will locate any record containing both terms anywhere in the record.
    • Church OR building will locate any record containing either term anywhere in the record.
    • Building NOT church will narrow your search to locate only those records containing the first term and not the second term.
    • (Church OR building) AND people will locate any record containing either of the terms in parentheses and the term following the parentheses.
  • Use an asterisk to search varying forms of a word
    • Build* will search for build, builder, building, buildings.
    • Church* will search for church, churches, and Churchill.
  • Search for dates to limit your search.
    • To search a date range, you must use TO in the search, for example 1900 to 1905.
    • The Library recommends searching only by four-digit year, and not by month or day.
    • Use an asterisk to search dates within a decade. For example, 186* returns results from 1860-1869.
  • To search for a specific photograph for which you have the item number, use the main keyword search page and enter the last six digits of the item number in the search field.

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